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Auto Multimeter

Our lcd digital Multimeter and ammeter ohmmeter are both sterling for used in the entertainment and heavy use industries, our voltmeter ohmmeter is ideal for use in a prototyping or engineering program, while our ohmmeter is commonly used in starts, odors, and other health applications.

Auto Multimeters

The auto multimeters are top for quickly checking electric and marine power and temperature, with its digital readout and durable construction, this Multimeter is terrific for most purposes. The digital Multimeter offers a good value for money, it effortless to operate and gives a good range. It can be used for just about any measure that you would need to with or without the user's manual, the only downside is that the range is not quite as strong as some other digital multimeters. This is an auto Multimeter that measures digital volts, acdc volts, and ammeters, it renders a digital temperature sensor and a digital voltmeter. It also offers a tester and a rangefinder, the ac dc volt ohm amp clamp meter is an outstanding digital Multimeter for use in business and engineering. With its digital range and lcd display, this Multimeter peerless for quick and accurate measurements, the auto range makes it uncomplicated to read values within a certain range, and the handheld mode makes it straightforward to error-free measurements.